Over 3,000 Chicago High Schoolers Riot At Ford City Mall! (Video)

Over 3,000 Chicago High Schoolers Riot At Ford City Mall! (Video)

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12 Responses to "Over 3,000 Chicago High Schoolers Riot At Ford City Mall! (Video)"

  1. Dats why these Lil dumb mfs be gettn whacked.

    • Nahh that mean stay yo ass and the crib

  2. Before yo ass be next frfr

  3. Great job Ford City Mall and their promotional/event staff. A dying Mall with a history of crime and violence thought it would be smart to host a event focused on bringing in teens from the surrounding communities and city? And you really thought there would be no trouble? WOW! Great job clearing out your Mall by pushing hundreds of kids onto the streets. Innocent bystanders suffered damage to vehicles and community merchants were forced to close up their businesses losing money. Pay up Ford City for two hours of lost revenue.

  4. wish that was here in Indiana & I was driving that Jeep that got his window broken I would of got & killed him with my .45. Indiana is a Right to Carry State & my defense would of been I had 3000 ghetto kids trying to get my White Castles

  5. Embarrassment to the black culture. This wat we think is fun and cool now??

  6. Thank you to the peope who filmed this and posted the videos. Your videos are proof of how ignorant, reckless, and stupid the black youths of Chicago are. They want sympathy and support for all the killings that are taking place, but then they act like entitled fools parading around a mall, vandalizing cars and property, and talking like thugs.

  7. what a disgrace somebody should of shot every single one of them in the fucking face skinny niggers and hoes

  8. See why we need guns! Need to protect ourselves from these Obama voters. Someone must have said they were going to take away Obamaphones or foodstamps or watermellon, so they rioted!

  9. Haha, typical nigger bullshit.

  10. White people are once again stupid mfers for letting lack people take take over neighborhoods and throw them in the toilet. Now that we have a black man in the white House,I see America being taken over by arrogant people who want this and that for nothing. I am torn apart at seeing 2 neighborhoods that I once lived in being inhabited by young nigga punks who if they want to fight should be drafted and sent to Iraq or where ever else the war monging USA wants to invade

  11. Chicago’s blacks are overwhelmingly subhuman – and these video’s provide yet more proof.

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